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Introduction to plastic flower pot mold making process.


Plastic flowerpots are flowerpots made of plastic, which are relatively new materials. Compared with more traditional ceramic flower pots, plastic flower pots are relatively cheap, not easily damaged, and highly durable. Plastic flower pots can be divided into many types, and different types of plastic flower pots can be used to grow different flowers and trees. Plastic flower pots are generally made using plastic flower pot molds.

The injection molding process is to mix the plastic raw materials PE or PE, heat and melt it with an injection molding machine, and inject it into the plastic flowerpot mold at high pressure. It is cooled and formed, and then taken out by a robot to become a semi-finished product. Some can be sold directly, and some can be sold directly. Requires printing. The blister process is the same as extruding plastic raw materials into sheets through a sheet machine, and then forming them with air pressure through the blister machine, and then punching holes with a punching machine. This process mainly produces two-color flower pots. The production speed is extremely fast and reduces the cost. Low cost, not easy to break and other characteristics.


Post time: Jan-16-2024