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Basic specifications and characteristics of plastic paint bucket molds

Due to the different market demand, there are many kinds of plastic paint bucket molds, including shape, material, size and appearance.for instance:Material:

New or recycled polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) material.

Shape: round, oval, square, rectangular…

Size: from 1L to 30L… (with many different volumes on the market)

Basic characteristics of plastic paint bucket molds:

Slight odor- -recycled material

Plastic paint buckets made of recycled materials can usually meet the basic needs of the average customer, when its quality does so. Of course, whether to use recycled materials to make plastic paint buckets or need to be determined after more discussion.

Reaction to chemicals- -Thermoplastics

Since plastic paint buckets can be made of different materials with additives, as is true for coatings, special coatings may react with paint buckets. Therefore, you can help customers with testing to understand how the plastic paint bucket reacts to chemicals, or use it as a concern to avoid disputes.

As we all know, how to make a good mold, is to have a good design. The waterway design of plastic paint bucket mold greatly affects the cycle of mold forming.

The first method: the mold waterway diameter design is larger, the number of roads increases, but the machine machining accuracy requirement is higher, the processing time is longer, and the cost will increase accordingly.

The second method: beryllium copper can be inlaid along the top of the mold core, which greatly improves the cooling along the mouth and improves the production cycle. If possible, beryllium copper along the mouth.

The third method: using the advanced cooling rod design.

This is the solution for plastic paint bucket mold. Maybe you think that the time is a little bit faster, but it costs so much more money. Let’s use the numbers, the average production time of the paint bucket mold in the industry is about 30s. After doing the above design, it can effectively save 5-7s, that is, you can do 600 more in a day, and 18,000 more in a month. So these extra products, are not our profits? So say good things, and how to care about its expensive?

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Post time: Apr-11-2023